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Release December 2016! Image maps and sponsored messages

by Felice Curcelli
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This new LiberCloud release is available now. It's an incremental upgrade of the prior release with important content authoring functionality as well as administrative functions to help organizations partner with sponsors.

The new August 2016 LiberCloud release is available now. It's an incremental upgrade of the prior release with important content authoring functionality as well as administrative functions to help organizations partner with sponsors. Please read on for the full list of new features.

Content Management and Authoring


Image maps: a new tool bar action in Canvas editor allows users to create image maps with clickable areas. Optimally used, as its name implies, with a background image and enabling areas in image that viewers can click on, referred as clickable hotspots. Clickable hotspots link to external web pages or to internal LiberCloud assets and content. The author can outline the area of the background image using the select tool or designate any shape, text or object in canvas to be a clickable hotspot.  Image maps can be used quite effectively for individual lessons or topics and using clickable hotspots on canvas to help viewers navigate to all relevant content related to the lesson or topic.

Add media from cloud drives. Added ability to use media from cloud drives for image objects or canvas background. Feature already available in mobile app and moved to web app.


Sharing individual assets and making assets public. Making assets public is useful, for example, when sharing a slideshow with email addresses, i.e. users who are not registered to LiberCloud.
Sharing canvas annotations: added ability to initiate a canvas sharing session when doing canvas annotation on an asset or LiberPage.
Edit and delete comments: Ability to edit / delete own comments on other's LiberPages and LiberBooks and ability to comment, but not rate, own content. Useful when responding to comments from other users.


New compact view for Library Assets: we have redesigned the assets view and search to accommodate for new asset types introduced in prior release and to optimize viewing and retrieval.



Promotions and sponsor messages

Adding a promotion to an organization is a new administrative function envisioned to permit financial sponsors of an organization to show adverts and messages. An authorized admin creates the messages and adverts and their frequency and duration to determine when and how adverts should be shown and to whom.

Evaluation orgs

Evaluation organizations are for new businesses or education institutions wanting to test and evaluate any of the LiberCloud features. Eval orgs have no restrictions except that they must be converted to a non-eval organization within 90 days and can have up to 50 users.

Publish organization

Publishing an organization is a new administrative function that allows an administrator to work on configuring the organization features independently, registering all of its org users, classrooms and courses before allowing access to the organization users. The publishing workflow is a two-step process that requires the request to be approved by an authorized admin. The two-step process is for preventing errors and serves as a reminder that security, terms of use and contractual procedures have been observed. Subsequent subscription changes will require approval process as well.

Unpublish organization

The unpublishing of an organization is the inverse of publishing and prevents organization's users to authenticate with LiberCloud and access organization's content.

Offline support and Integration

Viewing LiberBooks offline

The eBook download feature has been expanded to support the new lcBook, a native HTML5 format. When downloading a LiberBook as an eBook, user has the option to choose the lcBook or ePub format. LcBook formatted eBooks can we viewed with any standard web browser.

  • Note: To be noted that Test assets included in LiberBooks are not supported in this release in either format and are omitted in downloads. ePub format also does not support Slideshow and URL embedded assets.

LiberBooks API

LiberBooks can be downloaded from external web site or mobile app through the new lcBook API.