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Release August 2016! Office Online integration and more

by Felice Curcelli
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Short description:

The new LiberCloud release is available now. With a revamped Slideshow feature and PowerPoint Online integration, it also include integration with Microsoft Office Online and ability to create audio-visual annotations.

We have completed the upgrade of LiberCloud to the new release, July 2016. You may have noticed already a refreshed look and feel of the main menu and viewers in general, but there are several important changes, including new features, usability and bug fixes. Below is a synopsis of the major features.

1) Enhanced LiberCloud Slideshows with integration with PowerPoint Online

The LiberCloud Slideshow feature has been enhanced so you can now include any asset type in your slideshows. You can add videos, canvas, text assets, polls and surveys to engage your audience. Given the integration with Microsoft Office Online you can even add PowerPoint slides to your slideshows. Slideshows are assets themselves so you can continue to embed them in your LiberPages. 

And because we believe it's an important feature that you will refer to it frequently, we have made it easier for you to access it and create slideshows. Check the side bar in My LiberPages with the new button.

Some of the notable changes include:

  • a new slideshow sorter and an enhanced assets browser
  • ability to add PowerPoint slide decks to your slideshows
  • ability to create or edit PowerPoint Online - see next item for requirements
  • ability to search assets and PowerPoint slides by name / title in asset browser
  • ability to add Polls and Surveys to slideshows
  • ability to add multi-page Canvas assets to slideshows
  • last but not least, a new slideshow rendering engine (viewer) to allow for the navigation of multi-page asset types.

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for other unique and important details.

2) Office Online Integration

The integration of LiberCloud with Office Online gives you the ability to leverage on existing Office content to embed in LiberPages. You can upload Office files through the Media upload, or you can create new content using the New Office Online button. Creating new content will require an Office 365 license, if you are registered to LiberCloud through a business or education institution.

Supported Office document formats are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

3) Personal use and Office 365 options in My Account

Creating or editing Office documents is supported for personal use only unless you have an existing Office 365 license. On this regard, we have introduced two new options in My Account page that control how and if you’re allowed to create / edit Office documents on LiberCloud:

  • "I am using LiberCloud for personal use and not for a business.” If using LiberCloud for personal use, you can create and edit Office documents.
  • I have an Office 365 subscription.” It tells the system that if you’re using LiberCloud for a business or school you would like to be able to create / edit Office documents on LiberCloud. You’ll be prompted to sign-in to Office 365 when editing Office documents.

Please contact your LiberCloud account manager to enable Office Online for your organization.

4) Audio-visual annotations

In prior releases, you could add image, sound, or video files to your LiberPage annotations. We are now allowing you to use canvas to annotate LiberPages or any asset within a LiberPage, giving you more flexibility including the ability to mark up content and record audio-visual notes using the canvas toolbox.
You can even add audio-visual annotations to individual slides in slideshows or PowerPoint slide decks.  Look for the canvas icon between the existing Comments and Annotate icons to add audio-visual annotations.

5) Closing Virtual Whiteboard sessions

Added ability for session host to temporarily save and leave session open for participants or close session for all.

For Admins

6) Education and Business organizations

We have a new "Education" option in Setup to denote whether the organization is for an accredited school or institution. It is regarded a business institution otherwise.

7) Office Online option

Added a new "Office Online" option for organizations subscribing to the Plus plan. When enabled, the organization’s users will be able to create / edit Office documents online if they have been provided with or acquired an Office 365 subscription.